33º Digital Business Congress APDC



The 2024 edition of the Congress was marked by the 40th anniversary of APDC, which is now an association of the digital ecosystem. A role it intends to strengthen by presenting a document with the vision and concrete measures of ICT and Media companies for the development of the national economy. The aim: to make Portugal one of the leaders of Europe’s digital economy and society over the next eight years. Although the country has made significant progress on a number of fronts, as became clear during these two days of reflection and debate, it is still facing threats and challenges that need to be addressed. And fast.


With AI at the center of all the reflections, it has become clear that this is an irreversible path, and we have to look at the potential for expanding knowledge that it brings with it, complementing human intelligence and guaranteeing a better future. Not using this disruptive technology is not an option, not least because it will probably bring about the biggest leap in productivity in human history.


In this respect, the country may have a unique opportunity to differentiate itself. As long as it guarantees the success of the digital transformation in organizations, people and the public sector. The new government has given assurances that it is committed to an acceleration strategy, with the ambition of making the economy more agile and innovative. The process is underway, digital technologies are critical to development in all areas and speed of change will be absolutely essential.


Take a look at everything that was discussed at the 33rd Digital Business Congress! A Congress for sharing knowledge, reflection, exchanging ideas and building scenarios for the future!


Live Talks, short conversations between technology executives to reflect on and exchange ideas about issues that affect the sector, are already a classic feature of the APDC Congress and 2024 was no exception. These talks took place in the space created for the purpose, and are an exclusive format for annual sponsors.
Various leaders from the most important national technology companies exchanged views with guests/customers. .PT, Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, DXC Technology, Ericsson, Glintt Next, Inetum, Kyndryl, MEO, Minsait, NTT DATA, NOKIA, Salesforce, Vantage Towers, and Vodafone accepted the challenge and recorded conversations in the Congress lounge!

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This year we invested again in Live Talks, short conversations between technology executives to reflect and exchange ideas on themes that mark the sector. The conversations took place in the Congress venue, an exclusive format for annual sponsors. Thus, several leaders of the most relevant national technology companies exchanged views with guests/clients. .PT, Accenture. Capgemini, Deloitte, DXC Technology, Glint Nextt, Inetum, Kyndryl, MEO, Minsait, NTT DATA, Nokia, Salesforce, Vantage Towers and Vodafone accepted the challenge and recorded conversations in the Congress lounge!

Soon available on the platforms (YouTube and Spotify).


In this 33rd edition of the Congress, we once again opted for GAMIFICATION and rewarded the most active participants in the app. The winners were: Sofia Santos, Márcio Duarte, Eduardo Pinto, Sérgio Belo, Priscila Saba, Ana Baracinha, Afonso Águas, Luís Pera, Francisco Maia, Rodrigo Espírito Santo, Mafalda Benido, Daniel Sousa and André Pantaleão. They will receive, respectively, the following prizes: Premium wireless keyboard and mouse, from Dell Technologies; Executive Leadership Academy course, from Experis; A1VOLUT1ON access ticket, from Knower; PowerBI Mentoring Session (3h) for Business Users and Backpack with notepad and ballpoint pen, from Izertis; One month of office space at LISPOLIS, with access to a community of 130 companies; 30-day access, free of charge, to Ethiack’s automated penetration testing platform, with the conditions of the Pro Plan and additional features; 1-year Pro E-goi Plan; Kyndryl backpack and laptop bag; Merchandizing of the Communications Museum.


The winners of the 3rd edition of the Cities & Territories of the Future Award were announced at the 33rd Digital Business Congress. The aim was to recognize pioneering projects based on technological solutions that transform cities into more liveable, sustainable and economically viable spaces.

By category, the winners were:

– Health and Wellness | Kindology – be kind to all kinds;

– Equality and Inclusion | Carta Social de Cascais, with honorable mention for Academia Digital para Pais;

– Mobility and Logistics | App e plataforma EVIO, with honorable mention for Automatizar o Mapeamento de Acessibilidades Uurbanas com IA;

– Citizen Relationship and Participation | ANDA (Conhecer Portugal), with honorable mention for Academia Próxima Geração – sponsored by INCM;

– Sustainability, Circular Economy and Decarbonization | Azores Smart Islands – sponsored by GALP;

– Economic Development | Granter.ai – sponsored by E-REDES;

– Quallifications | Mapa de Emprego de Lisboa – sponsored by EXPERIS;

Find out more at premiocidades-apdc.pt/vencedores-2024/.

Watch the session in portuguese.


The winners of the 4th edition of the Best Thesis Award were also announced at the APDC Congress. This initiative, which was once again sponsored by Axians Portugal, has the support of CEE – Consortium of Engineering Schools, and also includes the Academies participating in the UPskill Program. The aim is to distinguish the best master’s dissertations in the areas of information technologies, telecommunications and media. The winners were, by category:

IT | Sérgio Oliveira, with the dissertation “Virtual Reality Serious Game for Stroke Rehabilitation at Home” | Master’s Degree in Digital Game Development from the University of Aveiro;

Telecommunications | Inês de Brito Pereira, with her dissertation “Algorithms for physical layer authentication” | Integrated Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa;

Media | Laura Ribeiro de Abreu Pais, with her dissertation “Graphic Ground – Modular generative system for visual communication materials” | Master’s in Design and Multimedia from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra.
Congratulations to all the winning young talents and to all the applicants! Thanks to Axians for sponsoring this award once again!

Watch the session in portuguese or english.